|30| Postcards from California

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January – November 2018
Written by Bruce & Alene in French Polynesia — August 2022

photo by Barry Schwartz

with love,

Do Good


In Migrations 29, our DO GOOD was about changing how we live our lives to help save our world. But we’ve since realized that’s not enough.

Read this article to understand why.

The truth is, huge corporations have been working hard to fool us into thinking our personal behavior is at fault for the climate crisis. It’s a great strategy to remove our attention from what they continue to do: make billions of dollars at the expense of the planet’s (and our) future. Simply put, this big problem needs big solutions. Forgoing straws or paying carbon offsets for flights is not going to solve it.

So what do we do? Get involved.

Our governments belong to us and we get to tell them what to do. Join and support an effective organization that will change the laws. That will change our world.

So… please read the article, then do something.

Here are a few organizations we recommend:
Third Act | 350.org | Indivisible