Migration on the cover of Ocean Voyager magazine

Designer: Norman Cross
Built in Japan in 1969
Length 14.2 meters / 46.5 feet
Beam 7.7 meters / 25.3 feet
Draft 1.5 meters / 4.8 feet

Migration is a Cross 46 trimaran. She’s cold-molded — triple diagonal mahogany ply construction with a thin layer of fiberglass over the wood. She was built with polyester resin but we’ve stripped off the fiberglass from about 85% of the deck and hulls, reglassed, and now she is mostly epoxy.

She’s ketch-rigged with her original box spruce masts. All of her systems have been rebuilt or replaced. Some several times. She’s a comfortable cruising boat designed to cross oceans and a dream at anchor.

Bruce bought Migration in 1990 and is her fourth owner.

Alene met Bruce in 2005 and came aboard in 2006.

Migration is our only home.

Why is she called Migration? In 1987, Bruce sold his first children’s book, The Cherry Migration. He received a $500 advance and put it in a savings account — that was the first money saved toward buying a boat. When he finally found the boat he wanted, he changed her name to Migration and painted her red.


Alene is a cute, fun girl who likes popcorn and snorkeling. I love her.


Bruce is sporty.


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