December 2022

Save Mantas

Oceanic manta rays have the largest brain to body mass ratio of any fish, yet we know very little about them. We do know they are gentle, curious, social creatures that seem to be intelligent. Because of their size, the only threats to oceanic manta rays are large sharks, orcas and humans. As with so many of the ocean’s species, overfishing and bycatch are a dangerous threat as well as loss of critical habitat. Most threatening are the bogus claims of Chinese medicine practitioners that manta gill filter pads can cure dozens of ailments, though their use has never been documented in any traditional Chinese medicine text.

Manta rays have only one offspring every 2 to 4 years and thus their numbers have plummeted dangerously as they’ve become a targeted species. Global populations are estimated to have declined 50-79% over the last 90 years resulting in the giant manta ray being listed as an endangered species.

Please help protect these remarkable animals by supporting one of these organizations. Thank you.
The Manta Trust
Proyecto Manta Pacific México (@proyectomanta)
Marine Megafauna Foundation

August 2022

The Next Step

In Migrations 29, our DO GOOD was about changing how we live our lives to help save our world. But we’ve since realized that’s not enough.

Read this article to understand why.

The truth is, huge corporations have been working hard to fool us into thinking our personal behavior is at fault for the climate crisis. It’s a great strategy to remove our attention from what they continue to do: make billions of dollars at the expense of the planet’s (and our) future. Simply put, this big problem needs big solutions. Forgoing straws or paying carbon offsets for flights is not going to solve it.

So what do we do? Get involved.

Our governments belong to us and we get to tell them what to do. Join and support an effective organization that will change the laws. That will change our world.

So… please read the article, then do something.

Here are a few organizations we recommend:
Third Act | | Indivisible

August 2021

Change. Seriously.

Living on this earth means we affect the earth. We can’t help it. We use resources as we live our lives. But that’s no reason for not changing how we live. You can change. Stop buying drinks in plastic bottles. Stop buying gas-hungry cars. Turn off the TV. Don’t buy so much stuff from Amazon. Stop living life as if comfort and convenience are the most important things in the world.

Start with one thing, then add another. And another. Be conscious.

Live your life as if the things you do, what you buy, and what you use affects the future of all life on this planet.

Because it does.

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December 2020

My Octopus Teacher
The Social Dilemma

Watch these two films — both available on Netflix.
My Octopus Teacher will remind you of the beauty, richness, and intelligence found in nature. The Social Dilemma will, we hope, inspire you to change and protect the world, and our mental health. Please watch, and think hard about the decisions we make and how they affect our future.

May 2020


Save democracy. Now.

July 2017

Surfrider Straws Suck Campaign

In the U.S.A., 500 million (MILLION!) straws are thrown away every day. You can help stop all of this plastic from ending up in our rivers, oceans, and bodies. Start by specifying “no straw” when ordering a drink (including water). But remember, straws aren’t enough… reduce your use of all non-reusable plastics.

May 2017

Orangutan Foundation International

You can help protect orangutans from extinction.

March 2017

Natural Resources Defense Council

Nearly every day, Alene and I see the injurious effects of humankind on our ocean and planet. We have met people whose homes will likely be gone in a decade due to climate change and sea levels rising. And now the United States has a president who is rolling back environmental protections and reversing decades of progress. You may disagree with my views on taxes, or healthcare, or education, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, whether you support this president or not, I beg you to oppose his environmental policies. Donate to NRDC. They are one of the finest organizations out there and they will be working hard to protect our world. No matter who you voted for in the last election (or didn’t vote for), support NRDC. Our world depends on it. Really.

February 2016


WildAid’s mission is to end the illegal wildlife trade in our lifetimes. WildAid is working in many countries to change people’s perception of the products that create the illegal wildlife trade (for example, their shark fin soup campaign in Asia). They work with governments to strengthen conservation programs, create legal protection for endangered species and implement anti-trafficking laws. They are awesome. Please give them your support.

December 2015


Japan has started whaling again in the Southern Ocean. It is a travesty to continue to kill whales… especially under the despicable deceit of scientific research. Support Greenpeace to help stop the whaling.

August 2013

Story of Stuff Project

A great organization working to bring forward the truth about our relationship with ‘stuff’, and therefore, our planet. Their videos are easy to understand and to the point. They make you think, and perhaps, change. Watch some of the videos. And then, please donate.

February 2013

Marine Megafauna Foundation

We went to a presentation by Dr. Andrea Marshall while we were in California in January 2013. She’s doing great work to protect threatened marine species; most notably, manta rays and whale sharks. She’s a very cool person dedicated to accomplishing something important. Please support her. We do.

July 2012

Authors & Illustrators for Children

In 2008, over 1,000 children’s book authors and illustrators came together to help elect Barack Obama. They are still working to elect a president who truly cares about the future of our children. Support them if you can. And vote!

July 2012

Jean & Robert Blakey Memorial Endowed Scholarship Award

Created by the Long Beach community in memory of my parents, this scholarship fund provides financial aid to Jewish Studies students at California State University, Long Beach. Contributions may be sent to:
Jewish Community Foundation – Blakey Jewish Studies Scholarship
3801 E. Willow Street
Long Beach, CA 90815

February 2012

Animal Vegetable Miracle

Not a non-profit organization, but a book by Barbara Kingsolver worth buying and reading. It’s an interesting, humorous, and exceptionally well-written read; it just might change the way you think about food. It did for me.

July 2011

Charity Navigator

We need to give to non-profits. But there are so many! How do you know if your money is being used properly? Charity Navigator is a great tool. Check out over 5,000 charities before you donate. If you like their service, consider supporting Charity Navigator as well.

February 2011

Natural Resources Defense Council

Who stands between corporate greed and the destruction of the environment? The NRDC, that’s who. They also work to stop our government from destroying our own country’s precious wildlife and resources. An incredibly effective organization that uses the law, science, and members’ actions to keep the bad guys at bay. I’ve been a member for over 20 years. You could be a member, too.