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In our opinion, the world of social media is antithetical to what sailing and cruising is all about. Cruising on a sailboat is a slow and contemplative process. One spends a lot of time thinking about what is going on: with the sea, the boat, your physical and mental well-being, the weather, the sky. It requires time and patience to observe the changes in waves and weather as well as the all important month-long cycle of the moon and tides.

Social media is all about me and now. Though our website is certainly about us and our boat, when living this life one cannot help but learn that the sea doesn’t care about you… it just is.

Most importantly, we do not want to support a company like Facebook that chooses profits over truth and is willing to watch our democracy be destroyed so a few get very wealthy. Don’t think so? Watch this.

Addicted to social media? Visit this site.

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